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Food Truck Incubator Program Resources

Welcome to the Food Truck Incubator Program

On this page, you will find various resources that are required for you to go through the FTI Program. These include links to relative training videos, documents, and more. If you have questions concerning any of these resources, please reach out to us!


*Check this page continually as we will update it with additional resources regularly*

Have Questions? Schedule a meeting with our team. We are happy to answer any questions you may have! Click on the button to schedule time with us.

Program Steps

The following is an outline of the steps you must go through to complete our Food Truck Incubator Program. Each step is required before you can gain access to a truck. Each step may vary in order depending on what we assess your progress to be.

  1. Enroll in our MyBluefield Entrepreneur's Bootcamp and graduate from our "Starting a Business" Module. Click here to enroll if you have not already.

  2. Watch/Attend All Training (links to past training you can rewatch are below underneath "Program Training Videos")

  3. Develop a Business Plan (our Business Plan Template is below) This step should not be completed until you have graduated from our online MyBluefield Entrepreneur's Bootcamp, "Starting a Business" Module.

  4. Obtain a Food Certificate/License (BEDA to provide class to obtain this)

  5. Ensure your business name, logo, marketing materials, and menu are ready

  6. Ensure you are licensed with the State and City

  7. Take Logistics Training that BEDA will provide

  8. Show proof of working capital

  9. Sign an agreement with BEDA before gaining access to the truck

  10. Upon approval of BEDA, you will begin your time in the Food Truck

Enroll in our Entrepreneur's Bootcamp

It is a requirement to participate in the program that you enroll and graduate from our online Entrepreneeur's Bootcamp. You are only required to enroll and complete our "Starting a Business" Module. If you think you have already enrolled, please contact us and do not enroll again. Click the link below to go to the page where you can enroll now.

Program Helpful Documents

Please note, you are required to complete a Business Plan for your Food Truck in the program. The first document is our Business Plan Template that will get you started. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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