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Business Retention
& Expansion

Partnering with Our Businesses to See Them Grow

The Blue Spoon Café and Coffee

Expanding Your Business

We have taken the initiative to cultivate business retention & expansion within our community by providing classes and training to area entrepreneurs and business owners covering a wide variety of topics. We recently formed a partnership with the My Own Business Institute (MOBI) of Santa Clara University that allows area business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs to take free online business courses at their own pace. We offer the “Starting a Business” or “Business Expansion” courses through this program. Those who complete it graduate with a certificate from Santa Clara University. Supplemental workshops are held to expand on the classes in MOBI through the “Office Hours” program involving weekly classes on a variety of topics.

Support for your business. 

We have an active Business Visitation Program and Business Retention and Expansion Program. The City also supports our businesses by participating in Small Business Saturday and hosts networking and training events catered to the needs of our local businesses. We want to partner with our businesses to see them grow so if your business is considering expanding or developing a new product line, contact us and let us help. 

Our Small Business Success Center provides workshops, consultations, meeting space, and other resources to help you and your business be successful. 

Relocating a Business

Relocating your business is a big decision.

There are several factors that go into the decision. BEDA is committed to supporting and nurturing the growth of small businesses. What does your city offer? 

Is there a site or building that meets your needs?

Are there zoning or local ordinances that will impact your business?

Is there an available workforce that meets your needs? 

Are there workforce programs that can train your new employees? 

What is the cost of doing business in this area? 

Is this area business-friendly? 

What are your utility costs?

Is there infrastructure in place to support your business such as transportation, broadband, natural gas, and public utilities? 

Are there incentives to help your business?

Is there a key local individual or team that can help you through the process of moving? 


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