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Apply to be a part of our Start-up Food Truck Association

What is a Food Truck Association? A Food Truck Association is an organization that provides resources and access to valuable information to Food Truck owners. It also provides the public with a central location online to search for Food Trucks to visit and dine at.

What you’ll gain by becoming a member of our Start-up Food Truck Association:

  • Your Food Truck will be listed on the upcoming Association website to showcase your business. Your listing will include your Food Truck/Business name, cuisine, social media and/or website links, and a description of your Food Truck.

  • Your Food Truck will be included on our Regional Food Trucks Map so the public can easily see where your Food Truck is in real time. 

  • You will have access to a list of regional fairs, festivals, and events so you can better plan where you can set up your Food Truck.

  • You will gain additional marketing/promotional coverage by being listed on the website.

  • You will have access to connect with the Bluefield WV Economic Development Authority’s business resources as well as their CREATE Resource Partners.

  • You will be able to connect with other Food Truck Owners.

  • Becoming a member is 100% free

A little more about our Association

We are excited that you are interested in joining our new initiative, The WV Food Truck Association. The idea to create the Association came from the development of the Food Truck Incubator (FTI) Program. It is our hope to assist graduates of our FTI Program as well as existing food truck owners within the 10 counties we are serving through the FTI Program to charter a Food Truck Association, with plans to eventually serve the entire state of West Virginia. We are in the start-up stage of this venture, and our first step is to create a website where customers can find food trucks within these 10 counties. The website will list members of the Association, include a map that customers can see food truck locations in real time, include a list of fairs, festivals, and events that food truck owners can use to plan where to set up, and offer additional resources to members. It is also our hope that as the Association grows, additional benefits would spur, such as networking with owners, bulk purchasing options for owners, and more.

BEDA Start-Up Food Truck Association Application

Please note these questions are for both existing Food Truck Owners and future Food Truck Owners (example: If you’re a participant in our Food Truck Incubator Program). IF your Food Truck has not yet been established/opened, you will not be able to answer certain questions like providing us with photos of your Truck and food. We will contact you in the future to obtain those once your Truck is operating/open. We simply want to ensure we reserve your space on our website.

Primary Counties you serve in or plan to serve in (where you set up to sell food/plan to the most)
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Once you submit your application, if you’re accepted into the Association, you will eventually receive a follow-up confirmation with login information/password to the Association’s website so that you can easily go in and update your information as needed through a simple form. If any of your listing information should change (for example: change of name, food items, etc), it will be your responsibility to log in and make those changes to your listing through a simple form. BEDA will not be responsible for ensuring your listing is current, that will be your sole responsibility if you’re accepted into the Association. BEDA will give guidance on how to log in and submit your changes if you are accepted into the Association. Please note, filling out this application does not ensure your acceptance into the Association, it is BEDA’s right to accept or deny approval.

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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