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The Day Intuit and Alorica came to Town

Brad Smith, executive chairman of Intuit's Board of Directors | BDT Staff Photo by Jessica Nuzzo

Bluefield, WV – In March when Intuit announced we’d be coming to Bluefield to open a Prosperity Hub, bringing 200-500 new jobs, there was a contagious buzz of excitement in the air. The process in finalizing the location was very competitive, but in the end, Bluefield was selected for a variety of factors including: business success factors (e.g. a local workforce), a place with a real need and a clear focus from local and regional government on economic development. On paper, Bluefield along with our other prosperity-hub city, Johnstown, Pa. rose to the top of a list of nearly 1,000 cities that could both reap the biggest effect of having hundreds of new jobs and be home to important customer experience roles that are vital to Intuit’s success as a leading financial technology provider.

As we’ve continued to grow our partnership with Bluefield, we’ve learned what the data didn’t tell us. The Bluefield community is resilient. It’s a community that understands how to achieve success, and where its people are hungry for more. Bluefieldonians are passionate, hardworking and kind. Since March, our decision to invest in Bluefield has only been further reinforced and galvanized by new conversations, opportunities and collective progress.

But until just a couple weeks ago, we were missing a huge piece of the puzzle: a partner employer to create and provide customer success jobs. Upon completion of a comprehensive selection process, we are thrilled to announce that we’ve chosen to partner with Alorica, a global leader in customer experience solutions. So without further ado, we’d like to introduce you to Alorica.

Making Lives Better, One Interaction at a Time

The Prosperity Hub coming to Bluefield is greatly inspired by Intuit’s mission to power prosperity around the world, especially for those who need it most. Our vision for Bluefield and other Prosperity Hub cities is to bring jobs, skills, financial well-being and small business success, creating a positive ripple effect on the economy and success for each city and region.

Alorica is vital to the success of Intuit’s plan and its mission statement — making lives better, one interaction at a time — speaks volumes. For Intuit, it’s not just about bringing jobs. It’s about bringing an employee experience, access to benefits and a company culture that inspires with long-term career opportunities. Alorica partners with some of the world’s largest and most respected brands and specializes in being the connecting thread between a community like Bluefield, and a corporation like Intuit.

A Culture of Awesome in Bluefield

If you take a closer look at what Intuit and Alorica value, you’ll find that we both have “awesome” written into our corporate values — an irony that is not lost on us. Intuit’s commitment to delivering awesome — awesome experiences for customers and for employees — is written into the history of the company and inspires employees to think beyond their role or limitations to ‘what can the team do together?’ For Alorica, its people is the company’s prized product. To keep employees feeling engaged, inspired and connected to the company, Alorica has committed to creating an insanely great employee experience through a culture of awesome. As an employer, Alorica offers award-winning learning and development tools, a corporate philanthropy program supporting non-profit Making Lives Better with Alorica to company-wide contests and recognitions.

Together, Intuit and Alorica are opening up new jobs that we know the people of Bluefield are ready to embrace. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: jobs and careers are a critical first step to fueling an economy. For example, through similar jobs we provide in Wise, Va., other small business owners have been able to launch and benefit from more dollars and foot traffic. Job creation through Alorica is just one part of our plan to inspire prosperity in Bluefield. We hope you’ll join us for our Lemonade Block Party on June 20, consider applying for a job on this journey and join Alorica and Intuit as we power prosperity in Bluefield and for Intuit customers worldwide.

Co-authored by: Colleen Beers, President of North America and Europe Operations at Alorica and Mark Notarainni, Chief Customer Success Officer at Intuit


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